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All Geant Receiver Firmware Key 2021

All Geant Receiver Firmware Key 2021

GÉANT is the pan-European data network for the research and education community. It interconnects national research and education networks (NRENs) across Europe, enabling collaboration on projects ranging from biological science, to earth observation, to arts and culture. The GÉANT project combines a high-bandwidth, high-capacity 50,000 km network with a growing range of services. These allow researchers to collaborate, working together wherever they are located. Services include identity and trust, multi-domain monitoring perfSONAR MDM, dynamic circuits and roaming via the eduroam service.

All Geant Receiver Firmware Key 2021

Together with European NRENs, GÉANT connects 50 million users in over 10,000 institutions. Through links to research networks in other regions (such as Internet2 and ESnet in the USA, AfricaConnect in Africa, TEIN[6] in Asia-Pacific and RedCLARA[7] in Latin America), GÉANT enables collaboration between researchers in over half the world’s countries.

Co-funded by the European Commission[8] and Europe’s NRENs, the GÉANT network was built and is operated by the GÉANT Association. The GÉANT project is a collaboration between 41 partners: 38 European NRENs, and NORDUnet[9] (representing the five Nordic countries).

All Geant Receiver Firmware Key 2021
GN-RS20HD+V8.20 08-04-2020
GNOTT300hd++V8.20 08-04-2020
MAXDUOV8.20 08-04-2020
GN2200MHDH.V10.9 08-04-2020
AMIGO.V8.80 08-04-2020
GEANT_GN-2500HD_PLUS 08-04-2020
GN-2500HD HYBRID V2.44 حجم الملف  التحميل

GN-4040 HD HYBRID PLUS V2.44 حجم الملف لتحميل

GN-DVB-6060 HD ILIMIT V2.44 حجم الملف  التحميل

GN-2500HD PLUS V2.44 حجم الملف  التحميل

GN9800HDPLUS V2.44 حجم الملف  التحميل

GN-CX9800HD INFINITY V2.44 حجم الملف  التحميل

GN-CX10000 HD PLUS+ V2.44 حجم الملف  التحميل

GN-2000HD PLUS V2.44 حجم الملف  التحميل

ANCIEN Geant_2000HD_hybrid V2.44 حجم الملف  التحميل

GN-CX300 MiniHD Plus V2.44


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