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All StarMax Receiver New Software 2021

All StarMax Receiver Software Get File 2020

StarMax is a registered brand, General Trading & big wholesaler company Located in Erbil – Iraq It is the leading dealer of STB in big quantitiesWith its all accessories like Dish antenna, Cable, Lnb , diseqc motor… We distribute our imports to all over Iraq local customers as well as South Africa market.

All StarMax Receiver New Software 2021

We also deal in home electrical appliances, TV, AC etc… StarMax got high reputation rapidly due to offering the highestStandard of product imported from Korea, Taiwan and China No.1 suppliers That was to supply the same to our customers.

All StarMax Receiver Software Get File 2020
Receiver Software Get File Date

A150 Full HD

V1.09.20183-NO Excha 4 MB  Get File
V1.09.20183-Exchange 4 MB  Get File

A50 Full HD

V1.09.20179 4 MB  Get File


V1.09.20183-NO Excha 4 MB  Get File
V1.09.20183-Exchange 4 MB  Get File


V1.09.20179 4 MB  Get File


V1.09.20179 4 MB  Get File


V1.09.20183-Exchange 4 MB  Get File
V1.09.20183-Exchange 4 MB  Get File
A150 Full HD
A100 Full HD
Mini series
A100 Mini
A7 V1.09.20072 (4 MB) 19-11-2018
A150 Full HD V1.09.20072 (4 MB) 19-11-2018
A50 Full HD V1.09.20072 (4 MB) 19-11-2018
A5+ Full HD V1.09.20072 (4 MB) 19-11-2018
A5 Full HD V1.09.20072 (4 MB) 19-11-2018
A30 Power Full HD V1.09.20072 (4 MB) 19-11-2018
A30 SADA Full HD V1.09.20072 (4 MB) 19-11-2018
A20 Full HD V1.09.20072 (4 MB) 19-11-2018
A100 Full HD V1.09.20072 (4 MB) 19-11-2018
X20 Super Full HD V1.09.20072 (4 MB) 19-11-2018
A100 Mini V1.09.20072 (4 MB) 19-11-2018
A6 Mini V1.09.20072 (4 MB) 19-11-2018
5Super V1.09.20072 (4 MB) 19-11-2018
STM160 ALFA V1.09.20072 (4 MB) 19-11-2018
STM60 ALFA V1.09.20072 (4 MB) 19-11-2018
STM 50 ALFA V1.09.20072 (4 MB) 19-11-2018
A series A7 V1.09.20005 27-10-2018
A150 Full HD V1.09.20004 27-10-2018
A50 Full HD V1.09.20004 27-10-2018
A5+ Full HD V1.09.20005 27-10-2018
A5 Full HD V1.09.20005 27-10-2018
A30 Power Full HD V1.09.20005 27-10-2018
A30 SADA Full HD V1.09.20005 27-10-2018
A20 Full HD V1.09.20005 27-10-2018
A100 Full HD V1.09.20005 27-10-2018
X sériés X20 Super Full HD V1.09.20005 27-10-2018
MINI A6 Mini V1.09.20005 27-10-2018
5Super V1.09.20005 27-10-2018
A100 Mini V1.09.20005 27-10-2018
STM sériés STM 50 ALFA V1.09.20004 27-10-2018
STM60 ALFA V1.09.20004 27-10-2018
STM150 ALFA V1.09.20004 27-10-2018
New SKS in W6 21.6E,

STM series,

STM60 ALFA V1.09.19975 -W6-SKS

STM 50 ALFA V1.09.19873 01-09-2018
STM60 ALFA V1.09.19873 01-09-2018
STM160 ALFA V1.09.19873 01-09-2018
STM150 ALFA V1.09.19873 01-09-2018
A100 Mini V1.09.19834 24-08-2018
STM 50 ALFA V1.09.19826 24-08-2018
STM60 ALFA V1.09.19826 24-08-2018

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  1. Mujhe starmax ka master code to den…hyper me forever 2026 wala sw kia he, ab wo starmax k logo pr pin code mang rha he. ..plz help me

  2. Bhaijan, No.1 receiver ka latest software upload kardijiye. Yah batadijiye konsa software upgrade karshaktehe No.1 receiver meh please.

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