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All TechnoSat Receiver Key 2021

All TechnoSat Receiver Key 2021

All TechnoSat Receiver Key 2021
All TechnoSat Receiver Key 2021
S-1311HD COMBO 2.97 13-04-2020
S-1248HD S-1258HD S-1268HD 2.97 13-04-2020
S-1218HD S-1228HD 2.97 13-04-2020
S-1223HD Rocket 3.80 13-04-2020
S-1224HD Stealth modern 3.80 13-04-2020
S-1218HD S-1228HD 2.69  05-12-2018
S-1227HD S-1237HD S-1247HD 2.67 PowerVU fix 12-11-2018
GX6605/S/S-1248HD S-1258HD S-1268HD 2.66 29-10-2018
GX6605/S/S-1311HD COMBO 2.66 29-10-2018
GX6605/S/S-1218HD S-1228HD 2.66 29-10-2018
GX6621/S-1412HD Rocket 1.13 29-10-2018
S-1412HD Rocket 1.11 01-10-2018
S-1227HD S-1237HD S-1247HD 2.65 18-09-2018
S-1311HD COMBO 2.64 31-08-2018
S-1248HD S-1258HD S-1268HD 2.64 31-08-2018
S-1218HD S-1228HD 2.64 31-08-2018

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