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Eurosat P8 Smart HD Receiver Key 2021

Eurosat P8 Smart HD Receiver Key 2021

Eurosat P8 Smart HD Receiver Key 2021

P8 Smart Box: Sunplus 1506, 1GB RAM with Free DScam/Smartcam !! High Quality Picture !!

Eurosat P8 Smart HD Receiver Key 2021
MULTIMEDIA 1506TF V8.11.10 4MB SONY 105E, SONY 68E, SONY 666E 12-12-2018
Multimedia Wifi 1506t-f Boxes Powervu Key New Softwar By Usb.bin 31-01-2018

<< “PowerVu” and “Bisskey” Autoroll !!! >>

Eurosat Co. Ltd. is a professional manufacturer and supplier of HD digital Satellite TV receiver engaged in researching, manufacturing, developing and selling of digital STBs and its related equipment all over the world.

Shipping Region: Africa, Central America, Central Asia, East Asia, Eastern Europe, Middle East, South America, Western Europe, World Wide, South & Southeast Asia

All in one box Eurosat P8 Smart HD :

1. Sunplus 1506, DDR3 1GB RAM High speed processor, support Wi-Fi dongle
2. PowerVu and Bisskey autoroll, Key Edit, C & Ku Band all SD, HD channels
3. Support 3G/4G Modem, AC3 Sound
3. All modern satellite Options: Dscam, Smartcam CCCam, MGcam, Softcam, WebTV, IPTV, DLNA, Google Map, youtube, 
Weather Forecasting, Media player, Photo Viwer, Games and many more

Eurosat P8 Smart Multipurpose:

1. PopTV
2. WebTv
4. Google Map
5. YouTube
6. Games
7. Video & Audio Media Player
8. eBook
9. Photo Viewer
10. Weather Forecasting
11. Currency Exchange
12. YuPoo and many more

Eurosat P8 Smart Supported Protocols:

13. CCcam
14. MGcam
15. Newcam
16. Softcam
17. Gscam
18. Xcam
19. Avatarcam
20. Hshare

Eurosat P8 Smart Supported Key conditional Protocols:

21. PowerVu Autoroll
22. Biss Key Autoroll
23. Constant CW
24. Conax
25. Ird1
26. Ird2
27. Via1
28. Via2
29. Cryptoworks
30. Seca
31. Ngr1
32. Ngr2

Are you looking for International Satellite TV Receiver for C & KU Band FTA, PowerVu, Tandberg, IPTV, WebTV and CA Channels etc? Enjoy these with EUROSAT HD Receivers.

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